An Engagement at Peddlers Village

Engagement Session

So last weekend I was able to spend some time with Jimmy and Kate. We decided to do the engagement shoot at, in, and around Peddlers Village, PA. When we arrived we were surprised to see there was a Science Festival occurring for young kids. So not only did we shoot all over the place but we also witnessed a Guinness Book of World Records event set a new record. On top of that we went on a carousel ride for the first time in about 20 years. Toward the end of the session we saw a nice open field with a lake and nice big trees, so we decided to head over there, turns out it was someones backyard. So of course with every engagement session I usually try and break 1 law, haha, this one was trespassing. Look for the wedding in a few months, but till then check out this photo session!

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