VW Doin’ Work

So this weekend we had horrible weather. A friend of mine Ken sent me a message a few days back asking if I wanted to shoot his new wheel/ suspension setup. So we set up the date and of course it rained. Usually when I shoot a car I’ve tried staying away from the parking garage shoots since that used to be the only place we would shoot a couple years back. This time I decided I wanted a dramatic grunge look but really wanted the car to shine. So out of camera I tried stopping down the ambient light as much as possible but just enough to still be able to keep some texture on the wall in the back. So to light the car i used only 2 bare 580 EXii. Lighting a darker car with only 2 speed lights is pretty difficult but I think I managed. Drop a comment and let me know what you think! If you’d like to see the images larger please check out my Flickr Set.

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