Wedding with Steve and Sam in Princeton

Sam and Steve are both awesome people, neither of them seemed to be the least bit nervous or worked up the day of their wedding. Spending time with the both of them in the morning while they were getting ready was an absolute pleasure. Neither of them seemed to be in a rush or frantic, but they were both very anxious. After Sam slipped on this wonderful wedding dress her friend had made for her, we headed out to the guys house. As we pulled up then guys were completely dressed and looking sharp. Just around the corner we pulled up to a gorgeous church were they were to be married. The ceremony finished and we were off to take some awesome bridal pictures in Princeton University. Your probably wondering why I’ve included a picture of the bride and groom dancing with a bunch of girls with Princeton Lacrosse shirts on. Well lets just say they had a scavenger hunt and needed to photo bomb a bridal party picture, mission complete. As the night began we headed to the venue and took part in an awesome reception where even the DJ got out of his booth to start dancing! I had a great time shooting this wedding for Sam and Steve and wish them both the best of luck!



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