1 Year Later, I shot DJ Nappy…with my camera of course!

So about a year ago I did a photo shoot for a DJ known by the name DJ Nappy the “Thugstep Architect”. I’m sure some of you will remember this image.

DJ  Nappy by Joe Dantone (Joedfoto) on 500px.com
DJ Nappy by Joe Dantone

From last year till now he’s come a long way in his music, traveling to different venues around the country and launching mix tapes left and right! Recently he made a pretty sweet move. Eleven Eleven Agency is known for some of the biggest and most respected names in electronic music. They recently added him on as an agent, not only that but his first client is the famed producer DJ David Heartbreak. Stay up on his website for all the latest releases and the hottest new trends before they hit the streets. For now feast your eyes on some pictures! Thank you to a group of friends that were able to allow me access to the warehouse this was shot in! You know who you are!