A year in review: 2011

This year has had its ups and downs. I have had some many things change with my business but also my personal life. The most powerful and greatest things ever happened to me this year and that was getting married to the lady of my dreams on April 2, 2011. So this year has definitely been a roller coaster. I can say one thing, I have made a goal for myself to put more thought and love into the business of Joe Dantone Photography. Now i’m not saying I didn’t before, but I’ve learned not to just be creative in my photography, but also how I network with clients and other businesses, also showing my own personality through my business. Well toward the end of this year I have started to make some changes. All of which have been great for me personally, and for Joe Dantone Photography. I have attended many workshops hosted by photographers Scott Kelby, and Ryan Brenizer (who was MY wedding Photographer). Through these workshops and through my experiences this year, I am starting to understand as a first time business owner that the more you put in to the business, the more satisfaction in return. Being able to accomplish something that you strive for is the greatest feeling in the world. I’ve learned in this business it doesn’t just take a great picture and unique style to make you a well-known and loved photographer. You have to have passion, and personality, also a willingness to put yourself out there with no fear of who is going to brutally criticize you or put you down. Being social and making people feel comfortable with you, having clients who you’ve never met before have trust and faith in you. Having them know that you will perform your best on the biggest day of their lives. All of these things wrapped up in a big ball is what will make you stand out from the rest, that is what makes a great photographer. This is one of the most important things that I have learned this year, oh aside from the saying happy wife, happy life…so true. OK so on with the beginning of 2011!

The beginning of 2011, I was strongly focused on Automotive Photography. Through this year I have accomplished being published in 2 magazines Honda Tuning, and also Euro Tuner.

Aside from being published this year with cars, I have also had Media Passes to shoot Formula Drift this year at Wall Speedway, NJ. This was the first time in my career as a photographer that I have had Media Access in a major televised event like this. Here’s one of my many favorite images to come out of the event.

Toward the back half of this year a friend of mine, Matt, wanted me to shoot his E39 BMW M5. This passed week I was surprised with a little gift from him. I found that an image from this shoot was posted and used for an Unofficial BMW M5 Calendar. This was a cool gift as I had no idea it was coming.

Toward the middle of this year I started getting more and more into shooting people, with my camera of course. I’ve shot over 10 weddings and engagement sessions. This year not only have I shot that many weddings but I have already passed that number in bookings for 2012 and have a few booked in 2013! Here’s some photographer picks from only some of the events.

Now having this love of shooting people, again, with my camera. I’ve been also shooting family sessions, senior pictures, baby shoots, maternity sessions as well as just plain-ole havin fun! I’ve traveled from the North Shore in LI.  all the way down to Baltimore, MD. just to do these types of shoots. Now doing portrait sessions are very unique, whether its shooting children, family, modeling, wedding, or engagement, you as the photographer have to get to know that persons personality within those few minutes. In that time, you want to shoot these pictures and have those pictures be a gateway to the viewer, and let the viewer get to know who this person is. This is when you the viewer can read a picture without there being words, just emotion. Here’s some favorites over the past year from some portrait sessions.



Aside from portraits and weddings and automotive work, I like to shoot around for fun. I typically donate my services to events such as Philadelphia Breast Fest every year. I also dabble around the streets of NYC and Philadelphia to do some street photography. This year one of my most vivid moments and exhilarating moments was shooting the Occupy Wall Street mess in New York. I was excited to go there and see it in person because I have never seen a protest before. This was my first time, and I wanted to make it interesting. I didn’t just want to take pictures of what was going on, but I wanted to show the faces of the people involved. During the time I was there and usually when I shoot, one of the first things that comes to mind is, how do I want viewers to see this. Also how am I going to present something like this to public, where they will get my message. This was the perfect example. While I was shooting I noticed a lot of people with signs and messages. I got the idea to make a blog post called Faces of Occupy Wall Street. So I ended with 40 portraits and made the post. Here is some images from the protest and other events this year.

So far the year of 2011 brought me so much that I am grateful for. I am so thankful to have met all the people that I have from clients to vendors, and friends of clients to other photographers. This upcoming year should be great! I am making some big moves and some major changes to the website. Thank you to everyone from my wife to my friends and family and to all my followers and clients that have chosen me to do work for you. You have all been such a huge support to me and I hope this new year of 2012 is great for everyone! BIG THINGS TO COME!