Engagement with Tom and Danielle in Princeton University

So during engagement shoots I like to break a law or rule whenever I see fit. Ok fine, its not as crazy as I’m making it out to be, most of the time its trespassing to get one quick shot and that is exactly what we did here! I met with Tom and Danielle on what was supposed to be a rainy day, that turned out to be beautiful! We walked around the campus of Princeton to do their engagement shoot. As we came through one of the many gorgeous arch- ways there was a door propped open. It was inviting us to look in. In view was a winding staircase that eventually led to a massive class room. Now honestly, what better place to take a shot when the bride-to-be is a teacher? I brought them up the stairs and quickly set up some shots and headed back out before we got caught. Anyway enough of my yappin’ here’s a few pictures from the shoot. To see more go to my facebook page album.