On that note…check this musician!

About last summer a saxophone player name Tom Petraccaro came to me about doing a photoshoot with his group. If you want to skip the parade – you can learn all about him on your own by clicking here. Tom Petraccaro graduated UARTS in Philly in 2011, here he focused on saxophone and music studies. Between composing original funk/latin/rock tunes and playing dinner music, he has a ton of experience in performance and creative settings. We discussed the details of the shoot through many emails and phone calls till we finally reached a date that him and the guys could meet with me to shoot. Guess what happened? We got rained out. We talked a few more times but schedules with him were getting busy, being in and out of recording and playing gigs and shows.

We finally reconnected about 2 months ago and wanted to try it again. This time I offered to do a shoot with himself first, then have a second shoot with the group on a different date. I really wanted to showcase him as a tenor saxophonist but at the same time be able to show his personality as well. We finally set up a good date and location to get this long awaited shot done. Wouldn’t you know it rained again? So the following week we set out for a spot. It didn’t rain at all, but, it was warm the day before and the day after. We had no such luck the day of, it was about 40 degrees and windy! I had one spot in mind that was secluded so he could have some space to wail away on his damn SAX! We had about 3 looks in this shoot, casual and clean, classic and sharp, and just having fun. In the middle we had a little mix up with the Philadelphia Police, but that didn’t stop us.

You should defiantly check Tom out, his latest project, Jazz vs the Space Tiger, has been performing throughout NJ and Philly since 2009. For a list of performances go to www.facebook.com/Saxophonic206 he plays local spots from Philly to Princeton and more!

Check out some of the images from the shoot!