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Designing Your Wedding Album

The hardest part about designing your wedding album is knowing which images to use, and which ones will look best. I firmly believe this is something that should be left up to your photographer, but also giving the couple input on images. Your album should tell the story of the major highlights through the day. It should essentially be a story book of the first documented hours of the beginning of your lives together! Every photographer does album design differently. Most times when the wedding is over, the couple just wants to relax from the wedding stuff for a bit before getting into building their album. I’ve found it easiest if I pick out the initial album images and create a design for you. Its less work my couples have to do, and they can relax and get surprised by a beautiful album design that thoughtfully tells their wedding day story.

Designing Your Wedding Album

When I build the first design, the album is always bigger than the credit in the Collection. I do this so the couple can see their complete wedding story as well as get a good idea of the different layouts in the designs.

Wedding Albums Joe Dantone Photography Designing Your Wedding Album

Once the first draft is completed, we can go over the images and you can add in any images you would like, that you don’t see in the original design. Any images you add in I can place into the design where I see fit depending on the time of day.

Designing Your Wedding Album

Once I send back a second draft we can start finalizing the design. Once the design is finished and you and your spouse approve the design, we finalize the balance and order the album so it can be in your hands as quickly as possible!

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