“What’s In Your Camera Bag?”

So I am more now than ever getting asked “What’s In Your Camera Bag?”. I figured I would make this post to try and show how much gear can really fit into one of these awesome Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 roller bags. More importantly what I bring with me when I shoot.

So lets get started! I remember attending a workshop that Ryan Brenizer hosted just before I started shooting weddings back almost 4 years ago. He had this amazing roller bag by LowePro called the X200 Roller. I saw he really packed a ton of gear into this thing, and I’d imagine when I first saw this roller for the first time it was relatively new. I got mine probably 2 months later and within about a year, I grew out of it and also the wheels started caving in. I’m not too hard on my bags so I got rid of it and picked up the lovely Think Tank Airport Security V2.0. I instantly became a fan of Think Tank and bought 4 other various bags from them within short time. Ok, ok, ok, getting side tracked here, lets get back to the focus, “what’s in your camera bag”. I am not a minimalist of any sort when I pack only because I want to be prepared for whatever chaos or funky situation is thrown my way, and in weddings that happens quite frequently. So below is a picture I took with my cell phone of ALL of the gear that I stuff into this roller bag.

what's in your camera bag


Here’s the list of stuff which I will bullet point to make things a little easier to read.

– 4 Nikon SB-910’s (Yes, they do fit in the bag standing straight up!) These go in the 4 slots pictured on the right side of the bag

– 2 Nikon D750’s which are placed at the top of the bag in the 2 horizontal slots. I used to be able to fit 2 D3 bodies in there, so there is plenty of room to fit mostly any body there.

– Lenses – From left to right starting at the top we have Nikon 105mm macro, Nikon 85 1.4, Nikon 35 1.4, Tokina 16-28 2.8, Nikon 70-200 2.8 V2, Nikon 28 1.8. In the center long slot I place the 70-200, the square slot above that I fit the 28mm first on the bottom laying left to right, then ontop of that I lay the 85mm left to right in the same slot. The bag IS deep enough to stack the lenses and they are secured enough to not roll around. To the left of that where you see the blue rain pouch in the bag I lay my 105 macro there. Just above that I place the Tokina 16-28mm standing straight up, and finally just above that slot in the top left corner I place my 35mm there.

– SU-800 I place underneath the 35mm in the top left slot.

– Filter holder (laying between the duracell and LED video light), gets placed ontop of the 70-200mm in the long slot of the bag.

– Black Rapid Harness AND the Nano Clamp get folded up and placed ontop of the filter case listed above.

– The Lumiquest soft box gets folded down to lay flat, as shown and gets placed into the front pouch and takes up absolutely no room.

– Fotodiox 312LED Video Light gets placed ontop of the Lumiquest soft box in the front pouch.

– Battery cases and memory card cases get placed in the first zip pouch of the bag and in the second zip pouch I will usually bring a paper contract of whatever job I am working that day.

– All of the other little trinkets like spare batteries and business card holders and magmod grid get placed in the empty slot in the top right.

This is all of my gear in 1 small roller bag. Took me a few months to figure out what worked for me and this is it. I also have another bag with a GL-1 and various clamps and triggers and such that gets left in the car incase I should need it, but for the most part this is what I bring with me too weddings. The great thing about this roller is that it is built extremely well, and the wheels are pretty much roller blade wheels that roll super easily. Oh, and did I mention it ALSO turns into a backpack? Yea…sweet right? So now when I get asked “what’s in your camera bag?” hopefully you will have a pretty detailed description! Thanks for reading!


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